19 Apr 2017

You are going to watch part of a documentary and answer some questions. The documentary is about a lion cub who was bought as a pet in London and was then returned to the wild in Africa.

16 Feb 2017

12 Dec 2016

Christmas is coming!

It's early December and we know that Chirstmas is coming because the first Christmas advertisements are already on TV.

What's your favourite Christmas time TV advertisement? I do like this one.
Watch it and write down the story.  Use the past simple and past continuous and some linking words  (then, after that, finally...).


Did you expect this ending?
What did you believe the little boy was waiting for?
Did you like the advert? Why? Why not?

 If you liked the music in the advertisement, here you have the song with the lyrics.


10 Nov 2016

Past Simple vs Past continuous

Click on the image below and do the exercises!